Breakthrough Propulsion

Magnetic Reconnection Technology


SpaceWave is an innovative technology company exploiting the unique particle acceleration process known as magnetic reconnection. Designed to work with a range of applications including rocket propulsion, missile defense, and fusion power, our compact and efficient patented systems create solar flares in a self-contained and scalable machine architecture.

Magnetic Reconnection Applications


Using the natural mechanisms found in solar flares, our systems can achieve propulsion that is more effective than what is achieved by all other modern technologies. This will enable travel to Mars in 40 days instead of 6 to 8 months, opening a new era of deep space exploration.


Magnetic reconnection can be applied to create a compact and efficient space-based neutral particle beam that can contribute to the world’s first global missile defense system and protect against hypersonic threats.


SpaceWave’s magnetic reconnection technology can substantially increase the plasma kinetic energy of a single accelerator stage, thus effectively achieving the energy densities that can lead to unlimited renewable energy.


LtGen James A. Abrahamson

Chief Executive Officer

Top director of programs for NASA and DoD. First Director of Ronald Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative. Directed Space Shuttle Program

LtCol Roger X. Lenard

Chief Engineer

Nuclear engineer and project manager in SDI; kinetic energy weapons and highly classified nuclear rocket programs.

David L. Chesny, PhD

Chief Scientist

Inventor and applied plasma physicist. Program implementation and testing for accelerator prototypes and power scaling.


N. Brice Orange, PhD

Chairman of the Board

Inventor, heliophysicist, and plasma physicist. Program and data management.


Mark Moffett, PhD

Chief of Reliability, Safety, and Quality Control

Mechanical engineer and inventor. Expert in operational control systems. Pulse power engineer and system scalability.

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